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Yorkshire Sustainability Festival: 10th – 21st June 2024

Giving Yorkshire’s green community the platform it deserves.

Join us for the biggest gathering of sustainability in the north of England for the second year in a row. Back for 2024, the Yorkshire Sustainability Festival of events will epitomise the importance of collaboration, sharing key learnings and recognising that every one of us must start somewhere to make a difference to protect our planet. Our aim is to strengthen, inspire and expand our sustainable business community across the region.

Yorkshire Sustainability Festival encompasses all channels of sustainability, from those looking to create green pledges in business to the people on the ground making an impact and wanting to share their experiences across a wide range of events and locations.

Events will take place across Yorkshire; in Bradford, Hull, Sheffield and York, with a two day sustainability conference in Leeds this summer.

2024 Keynote Speakers

Kevin McLoud - Keynote Speaker

Kevin McCloud

Designer, Writer, TV Presenter


Mary Portas OBE

Businesswoman, Broadcaster, Author & Activist

Jon Richardson

Jon Richardson

Actor, Writer, Comedian and Co-Presenter of Jon Richardson & the Futurenauts


Ed Gillespie

Co-Presenter Jon Richardson & the Futurenauts

Mark Stevenson

Co-Presenter Jon Richardson & the Futurenauts

Mayor Tracy Brabin

Mayor Tracy Brabin

Mayor of West Yorkshire

2024 Speakers

David Loseby

Professor, Leeds University Business School

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Helen Neave

Founding Director, Make it Wild

Read more

Tim Frenneaux

Tim Frenneaux

Radical, Tim Frenneaux & Co

Read more

Pam Warhurst

Incredible Edible CIC

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Day One: Circular Economy

We believe that transitioning to a circular economy is a fundamental part of building the new sustainable world of the future, so we want to deep dive into the topic by making it the thread that runs through our conference on day one.

Day one breakdown is as follows:

  • Economy and Finance Panel: Building an Economy within the Doughnut: How the Doughnut Economy Model will save the world.
  • Workshop: Accessing Green Finance in Yorkshire – SME edition
  • Manufacturing Panel: How Yorkshire is at the epicentre of the Green Industrial Revolution
  • Skills Panel: The skills needed to build a circular economy in Yorkshire
  • Skills Workshop: The skills needed to build a circular economy in Yorkshire
  • Tech Panel Title: How can AI help us to build a Circular Economy?
  • Waste Panel Title: The Rubbish Revival: Releasing the potential in Yorkshire’s Waste!
  • Food Panel Title: The Triple Threat Trifle: how do we tackle malnutrition, overconsumption and unsustainable practices in Yorkshire?
  • SME Support Panel Title: Small but mighty: The Power of SMEs in galvanising the Green Economy
  • Closing Keynote Speaker: Mary Portas

Day Two: Future Cities

Retrofitting and creating new sustainable infrastructure in our towns and cities is a crucial part of the journey to building (literally!) a sustainable future. To build the cities of the future requires a holistic and integrated approach to urban planning and development that considers the interconnectedness of environmental, social, and economic factors.

Day two focuses on the themes of Future Cities, covering:

  • Construction Panel: Harnessing the power of Yorkshire’s Built Environment Sector to create a sustainable region
  • Energy Panel: Yorkshire’s Net Zero Journey: who’s powering the energy transition in Yorkshire and how do we all help?
  • Transport Panel: The benefits of creating a sustainable transport network in Yorkshire.
  • Water Panel: Diving Deep: Navigating Sustainability in Yorkshire’s Water Management
  • Skills Panel: Building a Sustainable Future brick by brick: How do we Develop Green Skills in the Built Environment
  • People and Place Panel: Empowering, Connecting, and Transforming Yorkshire: Bridging the gap between our People, Infrastructure, and Mobility
  • Housing Panel: Greening Yorkshire’s homes for the future: Innovations in Sustainable Home Construction and Retrofitting
  • Closing Keynote Speaker: Kevin McCloud

Why attend?

We believe in the power of business to drive change, and you can be part of it. Whether you’re a seasoned sustainability expert or just starting out, this festival of events is for anyone who wants to collaborate with experts in the field and learn more about initiatives that are already happening across Yorkshire and the UK.

From round-table discussions, hearing from keynote speakers and exciting networking opportunities, it’s a must attend event for your calendar.

At the University of Leeds our interdisciplinary research collaborations link our physical, technological, economic and social understanding of climate change and sustainability, creating solutions to address this global crisis. We are committed to embedding sustainability in everything we do, taking responsibility for our economic, cultural, social and environmental impacts. We are thrilled to be joint headline sponsors of Yorkshire Sustainability Week, and to help highlight the opportunities that embracing sustainability initiatives can bring.

Professor Nick Plant, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research and Innovation at the University of Leeds, Headline Sponsor

Leeds City Council Logo

“We are delighted that Yorkshire Sustainability Week is to be hosted in our city. We are one of the leading cities in the UK for taking climate action and are working hard towards becoming the first UK net zero city. The festival of events will help share this ambition while shining a light on the trailblazers of sustainable innovation from across Yorkshire, pathing the way for a brighter and greener future.”

Tom Riordan, Chief Executive of Leeds City Council

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