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The UK GreenTech Catalyst Conference 2024 is to be Held in Association with Yorkshire Sustainability Week

Thursday 11 April

Greentech catalyst conference

Leeds-based market research agency, Halston Group, is partnering with us to bring The UK GreenTech Catalyst Conference on the 25th of April 2024. Hosted at Nexus (University of Leeds), the event promises to ignite innovation and empower the transformation of Yorkshire-based businesses. Allowing them to integrate GreenTech and CleanTech technologies into their core business models, securing their future.

Notable speakers at The UK GreenTech Catalyst Conference include:

  • Mike Kefford, UKI Principal IBM Sustainability Software
  • Bibi Rodgers-Hunt, Head of Environment Sustainability at Quorn
  • Stuart Ferguson, ClimateTech VC at Sustainable Ventures
  • Sarah Ellerby, CEO at Nova Pangaea

These speakers will be sharing their insights at workshops and panels that will take place over the course of the day.

The Need for GreenTech

GreenTech is an umbrella term relating to any technology that aims to reduce human impacts on the natural environment. CleanTech is an extension of this term as it refers to “clean” technology that makes it possible for individuals and companies to reduce or avoid harm to the environment. As customers, investors, and employees increasingly expect businesses to take action when it comes to their carbon and environmental footprint, businesses now more than ever need to innovate and be transparent on past and upcoming changes.  Incorporating these kinds of technology into your business practices ensures that you are not only doing the right thing for the planet, but you are also doing the smart thing for your business’s future.

Bringing Innovation to Yorkshire

Since 2015, the level of GreenTech investment has steadily grown to amass over 32,000 deals worldwide in areas ranging from food and agriculture to climate change management and reporting. But despite the UK’s rich farming culture and history of nature preservation, only 18,166 GreenTech unicorns (a privately held start-up company with a value of over $1 billion) currently reside within the country. Opening up big opportunities, especially within the North.

The UK GreenTech Catalyst Conference marks the start of the establishment of the North being the GreenTech capital of the UK. With the support and knowledge of Halston Group, the event will showcase the transformative powers GreenTech and CleanTech can have when they are correctly integrated into businesses. Aiming to give insight to both emerging GreenTech businesses and established companies in heavy industries, the day is separated into two tracks, each tailored to give maximum value to attendees.

Morning Track: GreenTech Focus 

The first track on The GreenTech Catalyst Conference has been crafted to give value to growing GreenTech businesses that are looking to reach new hights within the industry.

The first talk on this track is a collaborative workshop, called GreenTech Growth, featuring route-to-market experts and CEOs with first-hand experience in tackling the biggest challenges in the industry.

This is followed by a panel, called How to Attract Investment, which focuses on securing funding with investors and giving you practical advice on propelling your fundraising efforts.

Finally, the morning track concludes with a session, Business Support for GreenTech’s, which will feature local policymakers and business support initiatives who will outline the resources available to help your GreenTech business flourish. There will also be ample networking time for those looking to further their contacts within the industry.

Afternoon Track: Industry Focus 

The second track, taking place in the afternoon, looks at energy-hungry industries to see how they can implement GreenTech solutions to build a more sustainable future for their business.

Similar to the morning track, the afternoon will open with a workshop called Elevating Your Sustainable Practices and will feature leaders from energy-intensive industries who will share their experiences in implementing holistic sustainability strategies across their operations.

The second panel, Eco Innovators, focuses on innovative technologies and showcases solutions from leading providers that empower industries to build a more sustainable future.

Bringing the day to a close is the final panel, Funding Your Sustainable Tech Purchase. This panel aims to offer guidance on accessing grants, funding, and further resources to help you implement GreenTech solutions into your business.

How to Get Your Ticket 

To get your ticket to The UK GreenTech Catalyst Conference and see the full speaker run down, go to the Eventbrite link. Or if you want to see all the details of the event, go to the Halston Group page.

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