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About Yorkshire Sustainability Festival

About Yorkshire Sustainability Festival

Yorkshire Sustainability Festival is a series of must-attend events designed to strengthen, inspire and expand the sustainable business community across the region.

Building upon the success of Yorkshire Sustainability Week in 2023, this year will offer a series of events throughout Yorkshire, with the aim to increase our knowledge on how we, as business leaders, owners and decision makers, can make a difference and drive sustainable change across different business sectors. The full festival of events will focus on showcasing the innovative projects taking place across Yorkshire and the UK, the trailblazers making progress to infrastructure and the policy makers that help change hearts and minds when it comes to climate change.

The sustainability community is still in its infancy and it’s an extremely exciting time to create and grow an event that is purposefully built to support this community in reaching ambitious goals.

We are on a precipice of a green revolution, either join us or get left behind.


The benefits of attending Yorkshire Sustainability Festival

  • Network with like-minded individuals all committed to making a difference to sustainability in business
  • Gain insights and learn the initiatives to build a greener business 
  • Grow your entrepreneurial mind to the possibilities in sustainability for your business   
  • Be inspired by the trailblazers who have paved the way in sustainability
  • Tackle hard hitting home truths on why we need to act now 
  • Make a pledge to do the right thing for our planet by operating a more sustainable business model

How to register for events

Step 1: Register for free to be part of Yorkshire Sustainability Festival, simply set up your account and build out your diary.

Step 2: Select the events you’d like to attend. You’ll be notified at the time of choosing whether there is a charge to attend or if the event is free. Follow the steps through to purchase and book your seat.

Step 3: You can always add more events on the run-up to the week, we’ll be continuously adding new events so keep an eye out!

Talking the talk AND walking the walk

Let’s face it, events are usually haunted by their carbon emissions and given a bad rep because of it, regardless of the great work and collaboration they can bring. That’s why we address the elephant in the room and are committed to the below:

  • We will be tracking and offsetting all of the carbon associated with YSF, to make the week carbon neutral 
  • Events organised by YSF will be vegan led
  • We are keeping back 20% of all tickets to the core YSF events for ‘Pay it Forward’ tickets – no questions asked, if someone wants to attend and can’t afford the ticket price, they’ll be able to enter a ballot & we’ll allocate as many tickets as possible. You can register for a pay it forward ticket here.
  • We’re keeping printed items to a minimum and wherever possible will use recycled products or items with a dual purpose

You can check out our full Environment, Social and Governance Strategy below…

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