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Dr Alan James

Founder, Expert Alliance

Dr Alan James is the founder of Expert Alliance, the specialist consultancy providing strategic, policy, and project leadership services at the highest levels of both Government and business.  The focus is mainly on Transportation/Mobility and Smart Energy/Net Zero.  In the mobility field, his experience spans projects as diverse as Maglev and Hyperloop ultra-rapid transport, and his strategic advisory work has covered tasks as diverse as increasing the efficiency of the diplomatic service, and developing a sustainable edible oils industry in West Africa.  In the energy field, Alan primarily works with highly innovative companies developing customer and/or investor propositions to deliver the essential hardware, energy systems, and digital integrations which enable Net Zero.

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In the Smart Energy field, Alan has a number of parallel interests.

He is the author of the influential blog “How to Electrify Your Life, Save Loads of Money and Save the Planet”, which documents the radical GreenTech transformation Anne and Alan have undertaken at their home, and explains how a single household can save £20,000 a year in energy costs, and eliminate 28 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

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Jointly with his wife Anne, Alan is the owner and developer of the first-in-world Warksburn Old Church project, which converting a Victorian former church to ultra energy efficient Passivhaus standards. The project has created luxury guest accommodation, close to Hadrians Wall in Northumberland, seamlessly blending 21st Century technology with conservation of a 19th century heritage building.

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At the micro-scale where an individual’s access to energy can be critical for maintaining life itself, Alan is honoured to serve as a Founder Director of Mat Zero, the breakthrough TechCo developing zero carbon heating for use in refugee camps and disaster relief.

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