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Bill Colquhoun

Founder, World Sustainability Collective

Bill Colquhoun

Our planet has now reached a point of unprecedented environmental and social problems, caused by our current economic and business models. It has become crucial for businesses to revamp their models based on sustainable goals (UN 17 SDGs). This is not only a responsibility but is fast becoming a legal obligation

Sustainably functioning companies can be a formidable and disruptive influence but often their voice gets lost in the global sustainability debate

This is why we are here!

The purpose of World Sustainability Collective is to support people and their businesses trying to make an impact with business models that solve environmental and social problems instead of creating them

We offer free membership to a network where you can obtain support to make the transition for your business to a sustainable model. We offer relevant business information, the latest regulatory developments, establish partnerships, obtain experienced business support and products (for example detailed carbon footprint definition)

All this helping build your business Better Bigger Bolder

Better = more effective and efficient
Bigger = support in funding growth and new business model design
Bolder = challenge you to capture the fullest extent of your sustainable idea

We invite you to join us and post your ideas and opportunities with this network of like-minded people and businesses. Take advantage of the support to build a sustainable business model.



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